Road Resurfacing Program

The Township has started the above subject paving program.  Below is an alphabetical list of the streets included in the program, and the approximate dates major work efforts will be performed. The roads will typically remain open to local traffic during milling and other preparatory work. However, during the paving operation, the roads will be closed to all traffic, and are typically re-opened by 6:00 p.m. on the day it is paved.

The schedule below is dependent on good weather, and no equipment breakdowns. Unfortunately, this type of work is susceptible to the weather, unexpected equipment failures, and unforeseen site conditions. Please check back from time to time as the schedule will be updated periodically to account for this unpredicted circumstances, and as the project progresses.

BASSWOOD TERR Completed Completed
BELLA CT 8/27/20 8/31/20
CHARLOTTE TERR 8/17/20 8/20/20
CLINTON LA 8/28/20 9/01/20
COTTONWOOD RD Completed Completed
DUPONT TERR 8/12/20 8/17/20
FERRARA AVE Completed Completed
FURMAN DR         8/21/20 8/25/20
GATES PL 8/13/20 8/19/20
GRESSINGER RD 9/07/20 9/09/20
HEIGHTS RD 9/03/20 9/08/20
LAUREN CT 8/13/20 8/19/20
LAYTHAM RD 8/12/20 8/18/20
MOUNTAIN RIDGE RD 8/23/20 8/26/20
NOREEN LA Completed Completed
OVERLOOK AVE 9//03/20 9/08/20
PANCAKE HOLLOW DR 8/17/20 8/20/20
PINES LAKE DRIVE WEST Completed Completed
RANDALL TERR 9/04/20 9/09/20
SEARS PL 8/27/20 8/31/20
SUNBURST LA Completed Completed
VALE RD Completed Completed
VARICK ST 8/28/20 9/01/20
VINCENT ST Completed 8/17/20

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