Emergency Notification System

In our efforts to provide more effective communications with citizens, The Township of Wayne has implemented an Emergency Notification System that can make phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency.  The system is also useful for sharing important and, on occasion, critical information. All the calls you receive will have the Caller ID of the Wayne Police Department. 

It is important for residents and business owners to provide contact information such as mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Accurate information in the database will help to ensure emergency information will be passed on to everyone where and how they wish to be alerted in a timely manner.  We already have all landlines in our 911 database, whether listed or unlisted/unpublished, connected to their physical location, so there is no need to provide those, but you should provide alternate phone numbers as a backup to your primary phone number in case a call is not answered by a person or answering machine. Alternate phone numbers can be cell phones and/or any alternate number physically at a different location for an address in Wayne.  As an example, besides cell phones, you may list an alternate number physically located at a vacation home for an address in Wayne so that should there be a local notification and you are out of town, you’ll still get the phone call.

If you are not receiving these calls, click Register Now! or fill out the PDF Application below to add or update contact information. You may use the same form to remove your name from the Emergency Notification System list.

NOTE: Wayne Landlines are already in our 911 Database.  Only register cell phone numbers, text addresses, and email addresses.


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