Application Document Archive

The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment hears applications for land development requiring site plan approval, subdivision approval, variance relief, and EP Waiver relief. Applications are submitted through the Planning & Zoning Department and are sent to Township departments and agencies for review in advance of the Board's hearing. Below is a list of applications for which the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment has decided and adopted a memorializing resolution. Application documents, including the application form, architectural and engineering drawings and other documents can be found here as can the reports of the various departments conducting a review of the application. For applications pending a hearing and decision, please go to the Application Documents page.

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-030 
Applicant:  Hozien, Nidal
Address:  45 Allwood Terrace 
Block/Lot:  Block 3608, Lot 2

Docket Number:  PB-2022-003 
Applicant:  Abubakar Ayub 
Address:  293 & 285 Alps Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 923, Lots 18 and 18.0J 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-005 
Applicant:  Lalama Residence 
Address:  751 Alps Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 1326, Lot 8 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-007 
Applicant:  Schlosser and Alessio Residence 
Address:  796 Alps Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 1823, Lot 13. 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-028
Applicant:  Corradi, David 
Address:  1413 Alps Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2605 Lot 62
Docket Number:  PB-2020-017
Applicant:  DePaul Catholic High School
Address:  1512 Alps Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2711, Lot 84


Docket Number:  PB-2019-040
Applicant:  Alps Road Park
Address:  1530 Alps Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2711-85 & 104.01

Docket Number:  PB-2022-007 
Applicant:  1591 Alps Road LLC
Address:  1591-1593 Alps
Block/Lot:   Block 2604, Lots 1 & 2

Docket Number:  PB-2021-011
Applicant:  Charles & Shannon Yalovister
Address:  32 Anderson Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 2111, Lot 05

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-005 
Applicant:  La Placa, Gary 
Address:  7 Apollo Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 1817, Lot 19 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-02
Applicant:  Patel, Fenil & Linsy
Address:  35 Armstrong Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 3406, Lot 9.01

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-010
Applicant:  Karacica, Bekim
Address:  1 Ashlyn Court
Block/Lot:  Block 2516, Lot 35

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-026
Applicant:  Juzmeski, David
Address:  3 Azusa Court
Block/Lot:  Block 1911, Lot 12

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-018
Applicant:  Brian and Bertha Sebastian
Address:  125 Balsam Road
Block/Lot:  Block 4302, Lot 6 


Docket Number:  PB-2020-016 
Applicant:  Jacek Rostek
Address:  711 Berdan Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 3703, Lot 13


Docket Number:  Docket BOA-2020-030
Applicant:  Jacek Rostek
Address:  711 Berdan Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 3703, Lot 13

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-033
Applicant:  247 Black Oak Ridge Road Associates
Address:  247 Black Oak Ridge Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2421, Lot 25


Docket Number:  BOA-2021-012
Applicant:  Black Oak Auto Body
Address:  404 Black Oak Ridge Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2415, Lot 16

Docket Number:  PB-2020-023
Applicant:  Zaku, Astrit
Address:  28 Borzotta Boulevard
Block/Lot:  Block 1103, Lot 21

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-022 
Applicant:  Pistone, Rocco & Erin
Address:  58 Brandywine Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3203, Lot 10 


Docket Number:  BOA-2020-024
Applicant:  Calton, Jeffrey & Susan 
Address:  17 Breen Terrace 
Block/Lot:  Block 2603, Lot 7 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-012
Applicant:  Paduch Residence
Address:  37 Briarwood Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 3603, Lot 4

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-002 
Applicant:  Shafqat Siddiqui 
Address:  63 Brookdale Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3619, Lot 12 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-008 
Applicant:  Karen Abrams 
Address:  18 Carlisle Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 1109, Lot 21 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-030
Applicant:  El Sayed Eldesouky 
Address:  29 Carlisle Rd 
Block/Lot:  Block 1108, Lot 26 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-017 
Applicant:  Roberto Sanabria 
Address:  17 Cedar Place 
Block/Lot:  Block 1406, Lot 28 


Docket Number:  BOA-2021-016
Applicant:  Ungaro, Susan
Address:  8 Laytham Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 1606

Docket Number:   
Applicant:  Jim McCulloch
Address:  100 Chestnut Dr. 
Block/Lot:  Block 1722 Lot 14 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-005
Applicant:  Milich, Alex
Address:  38 Circle Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 4502, Lot 28

Docket Number:  PB-2021-002
Applicant:  Bekim & Hasimi Karacica
Address:  7 Cliff Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3516, Lot 16

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-017
Applicant:  Castro, Joseph
Address:  65 Colfax Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3517, Lot 37

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-034 
Applicant:  Clasen, Carol & Nancy 
Address:  13 Cook Rd 
Block/Lot:  Block 3501, Lot 8

Docket Number:  PB-2022-024 
Applicant:  AVC Holdings XIX, LLC 
Address:  52 Colonial Road
Block/Lot:  Block 1105, Lot 37

Docket Number:  PB-2021-017 
Applicant:  Forsgate Ventures XIII, LLC 
Address:  30 Corporate Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 501, Lot 3 
Docket Number:  PB-2020-013
Applicant:  Demarest Properties LLC
Address:  70 Demarest Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 302, Lot 21


Docket Number:  PB-022-17
Applicant:  Driscoll Foods
Address:  74 & 76 Demarest Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 302, Lot 2 & 72

Docket Number:  PB-2021-019
Applicant:  Wayne Twp. Board of Ed
Address:  201 Dey Road
Block/Lot:  Block 604, Lot 16
Docket Number:  PB-2020-011
Applicant:  Fagan Residence
Address:  9 Diorio Court
Block/Lot:  Block 302, Lot 30.05

Docket Number:  PB-2019-037
Applicant:  Louis Zanetakos and Hellou LLC
Address:  7 Doig Road and 332 Newark Pompton Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 1616, Lots 56 & 57

Docket Number:  BOA-006-18
Applicant:  Mele, Angelo & Catherine 
Address:  117 Dorsa Ave
Block/Lot:  Block 856; Lot 4 


Docket Number:  PB-2020-030
Applicant:  Edison Brine d/b/a Patriot Pickle
Address:  20 Edison Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 604, Lot 6


Docket Number:  BOA-2020-023
Applicant:  Gary Hayde
Address:  40 Ellicott Lane
Block/Lot:  Block 2415, Lot 3

Docket Number:  PB-2019-033
Applicant:  Poppe, Christopher
Address:  205 Farmingdale Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2428, Lot 9.01 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-020
Applicant:  Ohle Residence
Address:  6 Fern Terrace
Block/Lot:  Block 1700, Lot 20

Docket Number:   
Applicant:  Soon Ok Kim 
Address:  11 Fox Hill Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 1902, Lot 125.07 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-023
Applicant:  8 Galesi Drive, LLC
Address:  20 Galesi Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 400 Lot 9

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-010
Applicant:  Kohli, Inderpal
Address:  31 Gates Place 
Block/Lot:  Block 3200 Lot 48 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-015 
Applicant:  Matacchiera
Address:  40 Gates Place
Block/Lot:  Block 3204, Lot 10


Docket Number:  PB-2020-010
Applicant:  Suhail Sardar, Muhammed
Address:  41 Gates Place
Block/Lot:  Block 3200, Lot 43

Docket Number:  PB-2022-004 
Applicant:  Passaic Valley Water Commission 
Address:  70 Geoffrey Way 
Block/Lot:  Block 3703, Lot 27 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-020 
Applicant:  Zoran Vukmanovic 
Address:  12 Gorham Court 
Block/Lot:  Block 914, Lot 7 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-032
Applicant:  Vukmanovic, Zoran
Address:  12 Gorham Court
Block/Lot:  Block 914, Lot 7

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-041 
Applicant:  Oncul, Hale 
Address:  88 Gow Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 1119, Lot 13.01 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-031
Applicant:  Shai Shacknai 
Address:  Greenrale Ave
Block/Lot:  Block 2117, Lot 14 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-005
Applicant:  S.L.E. LLC
Address:  32 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 2002

Docket Number:  PB-2021-010 
Applicant:  MUY Companies 
Address:  140 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 2002, Lot 27 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-014
Applicant:  Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey 
Address:  516 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3100 Lot 1 


Docket Number:  BOA-2021-038
Applicant:  North Jersey Country Club
Address:  594 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3100, Lot 4

Docket Number:  PB-2020-018
Applicant:  910 Hamburg Turnpike LLC
Address: 910 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot: Block 3103, Lot 2


Docket Number:  PB-2021-009 
Applicant:  Wayne Magazi, LLC (Maggie’s Town Tavern) 
Address:  1082 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3200, Lot 4 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-027 
Applicant:  Brightview Hamburg, LLC
Address:  1139 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 2711, Lot 107 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-008 
Applicant:  Jamir LLC 
Address:  1176 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3205, Lot 6 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-001 
Applicant:  K. Hovnanian North Jersey Acquisitions, LLC 
Address:  1673 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3305, Lots 4, 5, & 6 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-012
Applicant:  1777 Wayne Medical, LLC
Address:  1777 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3305, Lot 3 

Docket Number: PB-2019-015
Applicant: Wayne PSC
Address: 1210 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot: Block 3205, Lot 7

Docket Number:  PB-2019-005
Address:  1267 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 2711, Lot 101; B District; PB-002-17 


Docket Number:  PB-2021-006
Applicant:  Silberman Holdings, LLC
Address:  1302 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3206, Lots 1 & 4


Docket Number:  BOA-2019-21
Applicant:  SMS Real Estate and Calvary Gospel Church 
Address:  1599 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3303, Lots 11 and 12 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-027
Applicant:  SMS Real Estate
Address:  1599 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3303, Lots 11 & 12

Docket Number:  PB-2020-007
Applicant:  Solari, Joseph & Arthur
Address:  1690 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3312, Lot 17


Docket Number:  PB-2021-013 
Applicant:  Hamburg 3517 Real Estate, LLC 
Address:  2000 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3517, Lot 46 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-012 
Applicant:  RVD Associates / Gen-Bake (Gencarelli's)
Address:  2320 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3515, Lot 8

Docket Number:  PB-2022-001 
Applicant:  Novelli Management, LLC 
Address:  2410 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 4400, Lot 6 

Docket Number:  BOA-023-17
Applicant:  ELRAC, LLC (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) 
Address:  2455 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3512, Lots 1, 2, 3 


Docket Number:  BOA-2021-021 
Applicant:  Heit, Amy
Address:  70 Heights Road
Block/Lot:  Block 906, Lot 39 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-021
Applicant:  David & Tracy Dellatorre
Address:  77 Hillcrest Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 1600, Lot 9


Docket Number:  BOA-010-18
Applicant:  Valentine, Steven
Address:  32 Hillside Terrace
Block/Lot:  Block 1711 Lot 23; BOA-010-18

Docket Number:  PB-2020-020
Applicant:  Carlos Castillo
Address:  4 Hillcrest Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 1713, Lot 21


Docket Number:  PB-2021-015 
Applicant:  Maldonado, Teodoro 
Address:  560 Indian Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 4604, Lot 27 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-013
Applicant:  Sotsky, Marc
Address:  40 Jacobus Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 906, Lot 54

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-023
Applicant:  Marrotte, Jason
Address:  37 Lake Drive East
Block/Lot:  Block 1730, Lot 7

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-002 
Applicant:  Edie Residence
Address:  106 Lake Drive East
Block/Lot:  Block 1713, Lot 20 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-006
Applicant:  Dr. Mahmoud Elsanaa
Address:  28 Lake Drive West
Block/Lot:  Block 1729, Lot 3


Docket Number:  BOA-2022-015
Applicant:  Ferhatovic, Heather
Address:  51 Lake Trail East
Block/Lot:  Block 1311, Lot 52

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-016
Applicant:  Catino, Keri E.
Address:  8 Laytham Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 1606

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-028
Applicant:  Dianne Black-Nixon and Henry Nixon
Address:  42 Lenape Trail
Block/Lot:  Block 1317, Lot 28 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-001 
Applicant:  Nixon 
Address:  42 Lenape Trail 
Block/Lot:  Block 1317, Lot 28 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-014 
Applicant:  Maiorana, Gerard and Pagnotta, Jaclyn
Address:  41 Ledge Road
Block/Lot:  Block 4409, Lot 1 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-001 
Applicant:  Dianne Black-Nixon and Henry Nixon 
Address:  42 Lenape Trail 
Block/Lot:  Block 1317, Lot 28

Docket Number:  PB-2022-007 
Applicant:  Grandover Pointe Condominium Association c/o Wilkin Management Group 
Address:  Levinberg Lane 
Block/Lot:  Block 3207, Lot 12 
Docket Number:  BOA-2019-032
Applicant:  Fikret Ceca
Address:  5 Lewis Street
Block/Lot:  Block 702, Lot 1

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-018
Applicant:  Fandino, Yonny
Address:  16 Leystra Lane
Block/Lot:  Block 1902

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-006 
Applicant:  Siculiano, Michael
Address:  20 Leystra Lane 
Block/Lot:  Block 1902, Lot 136 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-009 
Applicant:  Massola, George 
Address:  8 Massola Drive 
Block/Lot:  Lot 81.03 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-008 
Applicant:  Massola, George 
Address:  10 Massola Drive 
Block/Lot:  Lot 81.04 

Docket Number: PB-004-18
Applicant: Eileen Evgenikos Inc.
Address: 1377 Route 23/33 McClelland Avenue
Block/Lot: Block 1413, Lot 15, 25

Docket Number:  PB-2019-028
Applicant:  Stackhouse
Address:  23 Mead Street 
Block/Lot:  Block 907, Lot 19 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-013
Applicant:  Indomenico, Sebastian 
Address:  5 Michele Ct. 
Block/Lot:  Block 1902 Lot 90.03 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-014
Applicant:  Moiyas Ave Pump Station 
Address:  1 Moiyas Rd
Block/Lot: Block 4411, Lot 21 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-007
Applicant:  BSG Management 
Address:  152-172 Mountainview Blvd 
Block/Lot:  Block 710, Lots 3 & 4 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-025
Applicant:  Azad International Appeal
Address:  777 Mountainview Blvd 
Block/Lot:  Block 706, Lot 3

Docket Number:  PB-2019-018
Applicant:  Sekuloski, Igor & Desanka 
Address:  94 Nellis Dr.
Block/Lot:  Block 1010, Lot 20 


Docket Number:  BOA-2019-013
Applicant:  VT Management
Address:  47 Newark Pompton Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 1500, Lot 1 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-004 
Applicant:  D'Agosto, Louis 
Address:  241 Newark Pompton Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 1505, Lot 14 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-030 
Applicant:  T-Mobile Northeast LLC 
Address:  360 Newark Pompton Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 1616, Lot 1.01 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-016 
Applicant:  441 Newark Pompton Turnpike Associates, LLC 
Address:  441 Newark Pompton Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 1618, Lot 29

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-001
Applicant:  Campanello, Donato 
Address:  499 Newark Pompton Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 1618, Lot 26 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-037
Applicant:  Arif, Mohammad
Address:  26 New York Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 805, Lot 2

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-023 
Applicant:  Demers, Jesse
Address:  48 Nimitz Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2208, Lot 34

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-033
Applicant:  Intrieri, Bruna & Angela
Address:  29 Oak Street
Block/Lot:  Block 909, Lot 1

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-034
Applicant:  Barbera Thomas Goerg, Kim
Address:  25 Oakley Way
Block/Lot:  Block 1206, Lot 17

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-020
Applicant:  Alonso Tangarife
Address:  20 Oakwood Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 1730, Lot 18


Docket Number:  PB-2019-041
Applicant: Preakness Healthcare
Address: 303 Oldham Rd
Block/Lot: Block 2003 Lot 127

Docket Number:  PB-2020-028
Applicant:  Preakness Health Care Center
Address:  305 Oldham Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2003 Lot 127

Docket Number:   PB-2022-018
Applicant:   Frank Semeraro Construction
Address:   352 Oldham Road
Block/Lot:   Block 2000, Lot 1

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-019
Applicant:  Grodecki, Piotr
Address:  44 Old Homestead Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 2608

Docket Number:  PB-2021-020
Applicant:  Wayne Twp. Board of Ed 
Address:  PAL Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 605, Lot 2

Docket Number:  PB-2021-029 
Applicant:  Wayne PAL 
Address:  1 PAL Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 605, Lot 2 

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-009 
Applicant:  Allied Brothers Tri-State Builders, LLC
Address:  20 Parish Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 703 Lot 38 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-026
Applicant:  Annemarie Appleton
Address:  169 Parish Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 911, Lot 14; R-15 District; PD-019-17


Docket Number:  BOA-2020-029 
Applicant:  Zhang, Pengfei 
Address:  23 Parkwood Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 2611, Lot 12 
Docket Number:  BOA-2020-013
Applicant:  Carline Residence
Address:  31 Perera Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 1326, Lot 35


Docket Number: PB-2020-029
Applicant: Jane Hastings
Address: 38 Peterson Road
Block/Lot: Block 2328, Lot 64

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-004 
Applicant:  Rosen, Bennett 
Address:  152 Pines Lake Drive East 
Block/Lot:  Block 4309, Lot 7 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-029
Applicant:  Truman Capital Advisors 
Address:  180 Pines Lake Drive East 
Block/Lot:  Block 4309, Lot 9 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-021
Applicant:  Wayne Twp. Board of Ed 
Address:  511 Pines Lake Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 4301, Lot 20

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-026
Applicant:  Diane Stern
Address:  960 Pines Lake Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 4406, Lot 13

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-013
Applicant:  Stern, Diane & Manfred
Address:  960 Pines Lake Drive West
Block/Lot:  Block 4406, Lot 13

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-015
Applicant:  Tomkevich, Petr
Address:  32 Pocahontas Trail
Block/Lot:  Block 725, Lot 2

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-009
Applicant:  Pompton Development LLC
Address:  438 Pompton Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2904, Lot 2

Docket Number:   BOA-2022-012
Applicant:   Pompton Development LLC
Address:  438 Pompton Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 2904, Lot 2. Bifurcated Use Variance 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-019
Applicant:  Grace United Presbyterian Church 
Address:  981 Preakness Ave 
Block/Lot:  Block 1119, Lot 30 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-035 
Applicant:  Daniel Lopes
Address:  1071 Preakness Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 1202, Lot 3


Docket Number:  BOA-2022-025
Applicant:  Huang, Koli
Address:  1158 Preakness Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 1808, Lot 3

Docket Number:  BOA-001-17
Applicant:  Beth Israel Messianic Congregation 
Address:  11 Railroad Ave
Block/Lot:  Block 832 Lot 1 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-022 
Applicant:  Giordano, Anthony & Erika 
Address:  4 Raleigh Lane 
Block/Lot:  Block 2500, Lot 20

Docket Number:  PB-032-18
Applicant:  Wayne Hotel LLC, (Days Inn) 
Address:  137 Ratzer Rd 
Block/Lot:  Block 2406 Lot 82 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-025 
Applicant:  Chabad Center of Passaic County, Inc 
Address:  196 Ratzer Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 1602, Lot 13 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-024 
Applicant:  Bourbon Homes, LLC 
Address:  341 and 343 Ratzer Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 2320, Lot 33 and 34 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-016
Applicant:  Tomkevich, Petr 
Address:  57 Riverlawn Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 209 Lot 2


Docket Number:  PB-2020-027
Applicant:  Passaic County Technical Institute
Address:  45 Reinhardt Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 1901 - Lot 5


Docket Number:  BOA-2019-024
Applicant:  Moody, Michael 
Address:  343 Riverlawn Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 209, Lot 50 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-008 
Applicant:  Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad
Address:  8 Rohrbach Way
Block/Lot:  Block 703, Lot 36 and 36.01


Docket Number:  PB-2020-032
Applicant:  America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses 
Address:  157 Route 23
Block/Lot:  Block 211, Lot 1, and Block 212 Lots 1 and 2


Docket Number:  BOA-2021-015
Applicant:  Carrols, LLC (Burger King)
Address:  1229 Route 23
Block/Lot:  Block 1413, Lot 34

Docket Number:  PB-2021-004 
Applicant:  N&G Realty, LLC c/o Wayne Mazda
Address:  1244 Route 23
Block/Lot:  Block 1400, Lots 28 & 31 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-020 
Applicant:  Passaic County Para Transit Facility 
Address:  1310 Route 23 North 
Block/Lot:  Block 1400, Lot 26 
Docket Number:  PB-2019-027
Applicant:  MCBS-RENJ Wayne LLC (Wawa) 
Address:  1512 Route 23 
Block/Lot:  Block 1409, Lot 2 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-011
Applicant:  ELRAC, LLC 
Address:  1550 Route 23 
Block/Lot:  Block 1602 Lots 1.01 and 1.04 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-026
Applicant:  Harbor Freight
Address:  1467-1495 Route 23
Block/Lot:  Block 1410, Lot 2


Docket Number:  PB-2021-024
Applicant:  CarMax Auto Superstores, Inc.
Address:  1750 Route 23
Block/Lot:  Block 1602, Lot 7.01

Docket Number:   
Applicant:  Galreh, LLC
Address:  1895 Route 23 South

Docket Number:  PB-2020-025
Applicant:  Lincoln of Wayne
Address:  1910 Route 23 North
Block/Lot:  Block 2420, Lots 1, 2, & 3


Docket Number:  PB-2022-012 
Applicant:  Lincoln of Wayne 
Address:  1910 Route 23 North 
Block/Lot:  Block 2420 Lots 1, 2, 3 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-012 
Applicant:  DanFam LLC
Address:  1293 Route 23 South
Block/Lot:  Block 1413, Lot 30

Docket Number:  PB-2021-018
Applicant:  46 ROUTE 46, LLC
Address:  46 Route 46
Block/Lot:  Block 219, Lot 1

Docket Number:  PB-2020-022
Applicant:  Seritage SRC Finance LLC – BJ’s Warehouse
Address:  50 NJ State Highway Route 46
Block/Lot:  Block 212 Lot 5

Docket Number:  PB-2021-023 
Applicant:  GS Portfolio Holdings LLC (BJ’s Warehouse) 
Address:  50 Route 46 
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 5 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-036
Applicant:  555 Route 46 West, LLC
Address:  555 Route 46 
Block/Lot:  Block 400, Lot 2

Docket Number:  PB-2022-022
Applicant:  Sadej, Jozef and Renata
Address:  26 Smith Lane
Block/Lot:  Block 2610, Lot 11.02

Docket Number:  PB-2019-025
Applicant:  Heydt, Lynn & Steve 
Address:  1 Stone Hill Rd 
Block/Lot:  Block 2613, Lot 6 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-039
Applicant:  Parente, Diane
Address:  15 Stratton Drive 
Block/Lot:  Black 1010, Lot 29.16

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-001
Applicant:  Matt Schechter
Address:  20 Sturbridge Circle
Block/Lot: Block 4105, Lot 189


Docket Number:  BOA-2020-008
Applicant:  Hasan, Iljas
Address:  10 Stylon Road
Block/Lot:  Block 1506, Lot 12


Docket Number:  PB-2021-035 
Applicant:  Summer Hill of Wayne 
Address:  2100 Summer Hill Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 3700, Lot 82 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-017
Applicant:  Summer Hill of Wayne, L.P.
Address:  2100 Summer Hill Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3700, Lot 82

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-030
Applicant:  Michael and Sherry Toole
Address:  4 Swiss Terrace
Block/Lot:  Block 1711, Lot 37

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-042
Applicant:  Guillermo Campos
Address:  13 Tammy Terrace
Block/Lot:  Block 1105, Lot 2

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-017
Applicant:  Von Rohr Equipment Corp 
Address:  35 Taylor Rd 
Block/Lot:  Block 703, Lot 43 


Docket Number:  BOA-2020-018
Applicant:  Stephen Donohue 
Address:  20 Tower Road
Block/Lot:  Block 4302, Lot 6


Docket Number:  PB-2020-037 
Applicant:  Electrify America
Address:  560-600 Valley Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 1808, Lot 51 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-009
Applicant:  Our Lady of the Valley Church
Address:  620 Valley Road; Block 1808 
Block/Lot:  Lot 50, BOA-019-17; R-15 Zone

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-014 
Applicant:  Chris Knierim
Address:  924 Valley Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 2118, Lot 37 

Docket Number:  LaSala Valley Road, LLC
Applicant:  LaSala Valley Road
Address:  1410 Valley Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2803

Docket Number:  PB-2021-037 
Applicant:  AvalonBay Communities Inc 
Address:  1445 & 1455 Valley Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 3103, Lots 16 & 19 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-017
Applicant:  Green Drop
Address:  1400 Willowbrook Boulevard
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 4

Docket Number:  PB-2022-026
Applicant:  Fogo De Chao LLC 
Address:  1400 Willowbrook Mall 
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 4

Docket Number:  PB-12-2013
Applicant:  Signature Acquisitions Volta Charging LLC
Address:  1655 Valley Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3103, Lot 15


Docket Number:  BOA-2020-027 
Applicant:  Maarif Foundation USA 
Address:  1700 Valley Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 3101, Lots 16 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-026
Applicant:  Cole, Marie & Robert
Address:  36 Van Dere Linde Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 3306, Lot 17 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-003 
Applicant:  Tahan Jr., Charles and Susie
Address:  25 Verkade Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 2407, Lot 15 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-028 
Applicant:  Massola, George 
Address:  23A Vista Trail 
Block/Lot:  Block 3514 Lot 6.02 

Docket Number:  PB-2020-005
Applicant:  Walker, Andrew
Address:  28 Vizcaya Court 
Block/Lot:  Block 3514, Lot 42 


Docket Number:  BOA-2021-032 
Applicant:  Peter & Jennifer Panzino 
Address:  136 Wayne Street 
Block/Lot:  Block 872, Lot 1 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-014
Applicant:  Volta Charging LLC
Address: 1400 Willowbrook
Block/Lot: Block 212, Lot 4

Docket Number:  PB-2021-038
Applicant:  Willowbrook Mall, LLC
Address:  1400 Willowbrook Blvd
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 4

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-039
Applicant:  Paul Miller
Address:  60 Woodhaven Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 3603, Lot 15
Docket Number:  PB-2019-024
Applicant:  The Woods at Waterview Estates
Address:  142 Worcester Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 4105, Lot 222

Docket Number:  PB-2021-031 
Applicant:  The Woods at Waterview Estates 
Address:  142 Worcester Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 4105, Lot 222 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-007 
Applicant:  Willowbrook Mall, LLC 
Address:  1400 Willowbrook Boulevard 
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 4 

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