Application Documents

Last Updated: 22 September 2021.

The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment hears applications for land development requiring site plan approval, subdivision approval, variance relief, and EP Waiver relief. Applications are submitted through the Planning & Zoning Department and are sent to Township departments and agencies for review in advance of the Board's hearing. Below is a list of active applications pending a hearing and decision by the respective Boards. Application documents, including the application form, architectural and engineering drawings, and other documents can be found here as can the reports of the various departments conducting a review of the application. Once the Board has decided on an application and adopted its memorializing resolution, the application will be moved to the archive page where it can be found organized alphabetically by street name.

Bourbon Homes, 341 and 343 Ratzer Road, Block 2320, Lot 33 and 34

Demers, Jesse - 48 Nimitz Road.  Block 2208, Lot 34

Giordano, Anthony & Erika; 4 Raleigh Lane; Block 2500, Lot 20

Grodecki, Piotr, 44 Old Homestead Rd; Block 2608, Lot 17.01

GS Portfolio Holdings LLC (BJ’s Warehouse), 50 Route 46, Block 212, Lot 5

Heit, Amy - 70 Heights Road; Block 906, Lot 39

K. Hovnanian North Jersey Acquisitions, LLC, 1673 Hamburg Turnpike, Block 3305, Lots 4, 5, & 6

Maarif Foundation USA, 1700 Valley Road, Block 3101, Lots 16

Master Plan Consistency Reviews

Moody, Michael - 343 Riverlawn Drive, Block 209 Lot 50

RVD Associates / Gen-Bake (Gencarelli's) - 2320 Hamburg Turnpike; Block 3515, Lot 8

Sotsky, Marc - 40 Jacobus Avenue; Block 906, Lot 54. R-15 District

Wayne Magazi, LLC (Maggie’s Town Tavern) - 1082 Hamburg Turnpike; Block 3200, Lot 4

Wayne Twp. Board of Ed - Bus Maintenance Garage - 201 Dey Road; Block 604, Lot 16

Wayne Twp. Board of Ed - North Cove - PAL Drive; Block 605, Lot 2

Wayne Twp. Board of Ed - Pines Lake Elementary - 511 Pines Lake Drive; Block 4301, Lot 20

Docket Number:  PB-2020-024 
Applicant:  Bourbon Homes, LLC 
Address:  341 and 343 Ratzer Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 2320, Lot 33 and 34 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-023 
Applicant:  Demers, Jesse
Address:  48 Nimitz Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2208, Lot 34

Docket Number:  PB-2021-022 
Applicant:  Giordano, Anthony & Erika 
Address:  4 Raleigh Lane 
Block/Lot:  Block 2500, Lot 20

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-019
Applicant:  Grodecki, Piotr
Address:  44 Old Homestead Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 2608

Docket Number:  PB-2021-023 
Applicant:  GS Portfolio Holdings LLC (BJ’s Warehouse) 
Address:  50 Route 46 
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 5 

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-021 
Applicant:  Heit, Amy
Address:  70 Heights Road
Block/Lot:  Block 906, Lot 39 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-001 
Applicant:  K. Hovnanian North Jersey Acquisitions, LLC 
Address:  1673 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3305, Lots 4, 5, & 6 

Docket Number:  BOA-2020-027 
Applicant:  Maarif Foundation USA 
Address:  1700 Valley Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 3101, Lots 16 

Master Plan Consistency Reviews

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-009 
Applicant:  Moody, Michael 
Address:  343 Riverlawn Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 209, Lot50 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-012 
Applicant:  RVD Associates / Gen-Bake (Gencarelli's)
Address:  2320 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3515, Lot 8

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-013
Applicant:  Sotsky, Marc
Address:  40 Jacobus Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 906, Lot 54

Docket Number:  PB-2021-009 
Applicant:  Wayne Magazi, LLC (Maggie’s Town Tavern) 
Address:  1082 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3200, Lot 4 

Docket Number:  PB-2021-019
Applicant:  Wayne Twp. Board of Ed
Address:  201 Dey Road
Block/Lot:  Block 604, Lot 16

Docket Number:  PB-2021-020
Applicant:  Wayne Twp. Board of Ed 
Address:  PAL Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 605, Lot 2

Docket Number:  PB-2021-021
Applicant:  Wayne Twp. Board of Ed 
Address:  511 Pines Lake Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 4301, Lot 20

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