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Social Services FAQ

Am I eligible for welfare in Wayne?
One of the main purposes of the Senior and Social Services Department is to administer general assistance benefits to Wayne residents who are in need of financial assistance and are currently ineligible for participation in any other public assistance program in New Jersey.  Eligibility requirements are as follows: Between the age of 18-65. Single or married couple without dependent children under 18 years of age. Have no source of income or bank accounts. Have exhausted all other benefits or resources prior to application for assistance. (Exceptions apply.) For more information call the Director of Social Services at (973) 694-1800 ext. 3281.

My family and I need financial assistance, who should I speak to?
Families in need should call Passaic County Board of Social Services (973) 839-5705 or visit pcbss.org

How do I get information about low-income housing and Section 8?
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine eligibility for assisted housing programs including the Public Housing, Section 8 project-based, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Section 202 housing for the elderly, and Section 811 housing for persons with disabilities programs. HUD develops income limits based on Median Family Income estimates and Fair Market Rent area definitions for each metropolitan area, parts of some metropolitan areas, and each non-metropolitan county.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) publishes these standards yearly.  The current standards for New Jersey counties and those in other states are on HUD's website

Most of the affordable housing is for people with low and moderate incomes.  Low income is defined as at or below 50 percent of median family income.  Moderate income is over 50 percent, but no more than 80 percent of median family income.

Presently, all low/moderate-income housing units in Wayne are filled and have a waiting list. Some rental properties will place eligible Wayne residents on a waiting list. Some will not, as their waiting list is full. Call the Social Services Department (973) 694-1800 ext. 3281 for the list of participating low/moderate-income housing contact numbers.

How do I register for WIC?
The Official WIC program is available to low to moderate-income pregnant women, recently delivered women, breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk. Fathers can also bring their children to apply for WIC. You may apply for WIC if you are working or unemployed. You must meet income guidelines to be eligible for WIC. Call St. Joseph’s WIC program to register (973) 754-4575 or visit St Josephs WIC Program

How do I register for food stamps/SNAP?
Most families and individuals who meet the program’s income guidelines are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program). The size of a family’s SNAP benefit is based on its income and certain expenses. Call (973) 839-5705 for more information or visit NJSNAP for more information.

Am I eligible to use the food pantry?
If you are a Wayne resident in need of food and meet specific financial criteria you may be eligible. Call (973) 694-1800 ext. 3281

I need help with my utilities. Where can I go?
Utility bill payment assistance programs are available to low and moderate-income households. Eligibility is based on income. Low-income families can contact Weatherization and Home Energy at The Passaic County Website or call 973-569-4032 for assistance. Families ineligible for low-income assistance can apply for NJSHARES. NJ SHARES is a safety net for households in an emergency or crisis situation. Applicants must provide identification, current monthly income, and energy bill information. Visit NJSHARES.org for specific details about the program. The Social Services Director, 973-694-1800 ext. 3281, can provide information about the application process.

Are there any dental services I can get?
Yes. There are requirements to participate. Contact the Nursing Department, 973-694-1800 ext. 3237.

I need to get rid of old/unused medication. Where can I go?
Project Medicine Drop has two locations in Wayne: The Wayne Police Department, 475 Valley Road, and the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, 435 Hamburg Turnpike. Go to NJCostomerAffairs.gov for more information.

I’m a veteran. Where can I get more information about services?
Passaic County Veteran’s Affairs (973) 569-4090. Passaic County Veteran's Affairs

I need some resources for my senior parent(s), who should I contact?
You can call the Director of Social Services (973) 694-1800 ext. 3281.

When is the Senior Picnic?
The Senior Picnic is in September at James W. Roe Memorial Pool. Call Parks and Recreation for more information (973) 694-1800 ext. 3258 or 3260. or check the Calendar.

How do I participate in the Senior Olympics?
Call the Parks and Recreation Department (973) 694-1800 ext. 3258 or 3260. 

Where can I get a handicap placard?
Applicants must complete the application form (SP-41), which can then be dropped off at the local Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agency or mailed to: NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Special Plate Unit, PO Box 015, Trenton, NJ 08666-0015. Applications for temporary placards are available at any local police station or online. A qualified medical practitioner must certify that the applicant qualifies for a temporary placard. The completed form, along with a check or money order made payable to the Motor Vehicle Commission in the amount of $4.00, must be submitted in-person to a municipal chief of police.  

Are there any transportation services I can use?
Yes. NJ Transit has public transportation with multiple stops in Wayne. Visit NJ Transit or call 1-800-772-2222 for more information. 

The Township offers senior citizens bus transport services that have some restrictions and/or requirements, call (973) 694-1800 ext. 3260. 

The Passaic County Para Transit Program provides transportation for the county’s senior citizens and disabled residents in need of non-emergency rides to medical appointments, shopping centers, county-run nutrition, and adult day care sites, and for the disabled residents to attend group work programs. Call (973) 305-5756 or visit Passaiccounty.org for more information.

When is the Health Fair?
The Wayne Health Fair is typically held in October at Wayne Valley High School. Check the Calendar for details.

How can I become a vendor at the Health Fair?
To see if you can be a vendor at the Health Fair contact the Health Educator at 973-694-1800 ext. 3242 or 973-831-5455.

When are the SMAC blood screenings offered?
Typically the SMAC Blood Screening is offered in April and October of every year. The next SMAC Screening is scheduled for a Saturday in October. Pre-registration is required. Registration begins in mid-September and ends in mid-October. Call 973-694-1800 extension 3281 for an appointment.

What screenings are included and/or available with the SMAC screening?
SMAC-23 CBC, T4, T3U, and T7 Blood Screening is offered for a fee of $25.00. Additional tests available include: PSA for $18.00, Lyme for $20, CRP for $30, Hepatitis B for $15, Hepatitis C for $15, TSH for $17, Vitamin D for $20 and AIC for $15. To register for an appointment online visit: waynetownship.com (Health & Welfare, Activities/Events/Clinics), or call 973-694-1800 ext. 3281 for an appointment.

How long does it take before I receive the results of the SMAC screening?
It typically takes two to three weeks before you will receive your results (if you submit a self-addressed stamped envelope when you register).

How do I donate to the food pantry?
You can drop off food at any of the drop off box locations: Wayne Health Department lobby, Wayne Public Library, Preakness Library, or the pantry itself on 1 Pike Drive. To learn more about the pantry and it’s changing needs visit: winfoodpantry.org.

I’d like to donate clothes. Where can I go? 
Wayne Council of PTO’s Browse and Shop Thrift Store, 1006 Hamburg Turnpike and St. Timothy’s Heart n’ Hands Mission, 395 Valley Road, (973) 694-8316 Mailbox #6. To donate women’s suits or business attire call Women in Transition on Hamburg Turnpike, (973) 694-9215 to arrange a drop off time.

Does Wayne Township loan out or accept donations of crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs?

I’d like to donate glasses where can I go?
Outside the municipal complex, on the walkway in front of the Police entrance to the building, the Lions Club has a yellow drop off box to collect glasses.

I’d like to donate a cell phone, where can I bring it?
The Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, 435 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne.

How do I register for Yoga and/or Lookin’ Good Exercise Programs?
Call (973) 694-1800 ext. 3281. or visit the Events Calendar.

How do I register for the flu clinic? How much is it for a flu vaccine? Where and when are they?
The information is on the Health Calendar

Nursing FAQ

Where do I dispose of used or new (no longer needed) needles?
Chilton Medical Center- Access Center accepts the needles, call them at 973-831-5191 for further information.

Where do dispose of medication that is expired or no longer needed?
The Wayne Police Department has a Project Medicine Drop Box in their lobby for pills and capsules.  Liquids can be disposed of by mixing them with coffee grounds or kitty litter and putting them in a sealable bag or container and throwing them in your household garbage.  DO NOT FLUSH THEM DOWN THE SINK OR TOILET. 

Do you offer to test for Tuberculosis (TB)?
We offer the Mantoux test, also called the PPD test.  The test is done by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Fee - $10

Do you offer children’s vaccines?
Yes, we provide vaccines for children through the New Jersey Vaccine For Children Program (VFC) on the 1st Friday morning of each month (except July), to children who qualify for the VFC program. To find out if your child qualifies and/or to schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3373 or 3374.  There is no charge for the vaccines, there is a $10 fee for the visit.

Do you offer any vaccines for adults?
Yes, we offer the following vaccines through the New Jersey Adult-317 (VFC) Program: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR Varicella (chickenpox), Gardasil (HPV), Meningococcal, and TDaP. To find out if you qualify for these vaccines and/or to schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3373 or 3374. There is a $10 fee for the visit.

We offer other vaccines for adults for a fee.  Flu - $15 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO),

Prevnar - $25 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO), Pneumonia - $25 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO), and the shingles vaccine - $175.

How do I register for the flu clinics?
You can register online or by calling 973-694-1800 extension 3281. The flu vaccine is available for everyone 6 months and up. The fee is $15 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO).

What are the qualifications required to sign up for the dental clinic?
The dental clinic is open to children ages 5 years – 18 years, students ages 19 years – 21 years and seniors 65 years and older with no dental insurance.  The dental clinic is also open to anyone ages 22 years – 64 years with no dental insurance and shows financial need.  Call 973-694-1800 extension 3237 for an application and/or schedule an appointment.  There is a $10 fee for all visits.

When do you offer the SMAC blood test?
The SMAC blood test is offered twice a year in April and in September (at our Health Fair).  To schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3281.

Do you offer men’s or women’s cancer screenings?
Yes, the men’s cancer screening is offered twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

The women’s cancer screening is offered four times a year, twice in the spring and twice in the fall.  For information on fees and/or to schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3241.

Can you check my blood pressure?
We offer blood pressure clinics on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 3 pm – 4 pm. There is no fee for this service and no appointments are needed.

Do your offer in-home nursing services?
No, we do not, except for the administration of the flu and pneumonia vaccines. For further information and/or to schedule a visit call 973-694-1800 extension 3238.

Do you offer CPR/AED training?
We offer CPR/AED training once a month (as needed), on the 3rd Thursday of each month, from 7 pm – 10 pm. The class is offered through St. Joseph’s Medical Center.  The cost is $45.

Do you know which vaccines I need to travel?  Do you provide travel vaccines?
For a complete up to date list of vaccines required to travel to each country go to the CDC’s website: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/.  We do not provide travel vaccines.

Feeding Wildlife

Feeding of wildlife and feral cats prohibited.

For the protection of the health and welfare of the citizens, it shall be unlawful to feed or bait wildlife including but not limited to bears, deer, feral cats not covered in this chapter, Canada Geese, wild turkeys, pigeons or waterfowl or other non-domesticated animals in any manner within the Township. This article does not prohibit baiting and the legal taking of fish or game, the feeding of confined wildlife or farm animals that are displayed at petting zoos, parks, rehabilitation centers, zoos or unconfined wildlife at environmental education centers, or TNVM cat colonies that comply with the provisions of this article. (Ord. No. 7-2015)



Our Nurses do their best to keep infants, children, and adults in tiptop shape! Our Health Educator strives to keep everyone updated as to the latest health information available. Our Sanitarians do everything possible to keep our food and environment clean and safe.  At the Wayne Health Department our goal is to work together, as a team, to prevent illness and improve the health of our community. With that in mind, we have designed programs, clinics, and screenings to promote, gain, and maintain good health.

Blood Chemistry Profile | Schedule
This screening is offered in April and in October. This screening provides a complete cardiac risk profile while measuring the levels of 23 different elements found within the blood including: white and red blood cells, glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol (LDL and HDL ratios), iron, etc..

Blood Pressure Screening | Schedule
Free blood pressure screenings offered on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 3 to 4 p.m. No appointment required.

Child Health Conference (Well Child Clinic) | Schedule
The Child Health Conference is open to Wayne residents who do not have any health insurance. This program provides infants, preschool and school aged children (until their 19th birthday) with a full examination and age appropriate immunizations performed by pediatrician, Dr. Eisenstein. TB testing is also available. Lead poisoning prevention is provided with testing available. At each clinic session parents are counselled regarding growth, development, nutrition, and safety*. There is a $10 fee for each visit.

Dental Health Clinic | Schedule
The Dental Health Clinic is provided for free to children of Wayne Township, ages 5 through 18 years of age, who cannot afford the services of a private dentist as determined by a financial screening. Children are referred through schools, by school nurses, dentists, and by parental request. The services of an experienced child friendly dentist are contracted for this program.

For Men Only | Schedule
A male cancer screening clinic for the prevention and early detection of prostate, testicular and colorectal cancers. This screening is a cooperative effort between the Wayne Health Department and Chilton Hospital. Screening includes: blood pressure evaluation, urinalysis, hemmocult test, prostate exam and a PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test.

Immunization Program | Schedule
The Immunization Program, held in June and September, provides vaccines to Wayne’s school-aged children in need of immunizations who do not have health insurance. The vaccines are free, however, there is a $10 administration fee. Children are referred by school nurses and various other agencies. Immunizations are administered by a physician who lives or works in Wayne Township.

Flu Clinic | Schedule
The Wayne Health Department encourages residents to get their seasonal flu shot.  These clinics are offered to Wayne Township residents over age 6 months old. Due to the volume of registrants wishing shots, we use a Flu Clinic Online Registration Portal.

Lookin’ Good Aerobics | Schedule
Lookin’ Good incorporates cardiovascular, core, strength and resistance training. The class consists of 30 minutes of aerobics which includes use of a step, gliders and traditional aerobic activity, followed by 30 minutes of resistance training using light weights, resistance bands, balls and body bars. The last fifteen minutes of class concludes with abdominal and core training. Current Flyer
Senior Dental Health Clinic | Schedule
The Senior Dental Health Clinic is provided to adults of Wayne Township who are over the age of 60 and who do not have dental insurance. The services of an experienced dentist are contracted for this program. Cost is $10.

Shingles Vaccination Clinic | Schedule
This clinic is available for Wayne Township residents 60 years of age and older. Shingles is a painful skin rash caused by reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox. Shingles can affect anyone who has ever had chickenpox in the past. The risk for contracting shingles increases with age, starting at around age 50, and the risk of complications from shingles rises after age 60. The shingles vaccine, Zostavax, works by boosting your immune system against the virus. This vaccine cannot be used to treat shingles once you have it. Cost is $175 and appointments are required.

Stroke Screening | Schedule
This screening includes a blood pressure evaluation, cholesterol screening (HDL, LDL, and triglycerides), glucose screening, carotid bruits assessment and pulse palpation for atrial fibrillation. Fasting is recommended for accurate results, but not required.

Wayne Township’s Annual Health Fair | Schedule
Numerous health and medical professionals will be available to answer questions and provide information on various topics. Free health screenings will be offered. The health fair is open to people of all ages and admission is free.

Women’s Awareness | Schedule
A female cancer screening clinic for the prevention and early detection of cervical, uterine, breast and colorectal cancers. Screening includes: blood pressure evaluation, urinalysis, hemmocult test, breast examination and pap smear.

The Wayne Health Department offers two yoga classes that are each one hour in length.

Animal Shelter main

Wayne Animal Shelter
201 Pompton Plains Crossroads (Jackson Ave Extension)
Wayne, NJ 07470
WE care for them until YOU do!

The beautiful animals featured in this video in order of appearance are Loretta; Goldie Hawn; Ozzie; Loki; McBride; Trigger; Whiskers; Stewie; Buster & Rascal; and last but not least, Eighty.

Some of these animals have spent way too many holidays at the Wayne Animal Shelter and they’re all dreaming of being part of a loving family. If you’ve been thinking of adopting, then why not stop by the Shelter soon. Who knows, you just may be the one to make a homeless animal’s dream come true. Don’t linger another minute…your newest family member is waiting, especially for you.

The shelter will be open by appointment until further notice.

For more information, why not visit the Wayne Animal Shelter at 201 Pompton Plains Crossroads just off Rte. 23 at the Jackson Road Exit. Adoption Hours: Tues. & Thurs. 6 to 8 PM Wed. 12 to 3 PM and Sat. 12 to 4 PM or by appointment call 973-694-0767. 
The Shelter is dedicated to providing for the humane treatment of dogs, cats in the Township of Wayne and to stimulate the public’s awareness of and interest in the growth, improvement, and development of the Wayne Animal Shelter and its community programs.
Each year the Shelter cares for the lives of almost 1,000 animals through its aggressive adoption, spay/neuter, community outreach, and humane education programs.
We depend upon charitable donations to care for the helpless pets that come through our doors.  Your donations, funds, needed supplies, or volunteer services are critical to our success.

Animal Shelter Volunteer

The key to the Shelter’s success is a core of dedicated individuals working together to make a difference in the lives of the animals and the people who love them.  While we have different levels of involvement and responsibility, it is all of us working together that allows us to affect change.  Individually, we can each take steps toward a kinder and more compassionate world… together we can make great strides.
There are a number of ways that you can help the Shelter to help others.  Here are some of the roles you may fill as a volunteer:
  • Shelter Care Givers/Foster Care Giver
  • Adoption Counselor
  • Adoption Follow-Up Counselor
  • Fundraiser/Publicity Volunteer
  • Office Assistant/Clerical Support
Please complete our Volunteer Application and submit it at the Shelter (201 Pompton Plains Crossroads (Jackson Ave Extension), Wayne, NJ 07470).

Animal Shelter Spay & Neuter

The Passaic County Spay/Neuter Coalition is made up of nonprofit organizations in Passaic County. Together, they joined forces to help alleviate the pet overpopulation problem in Passaic County. A coalition of progressive animal shelters and rescue groups has formed for the sole purpose of purchasing and operating a mobile spay/neuter clinic in Passaic County.
For additional information, visit the following site:

Animal Shelter Events

Special Events:

7th Annual Pet Portraits with Santa!
Date: Sunday, November 3
Time: 10 AM - 1 PM & 2 PM - 6 PM
Location: Rock Ledge Garden Center
1621 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ 07470
Fee: Proceeds to benefit the Wayne Animal Shelter. The sitting fee is $20, cash or checks , no credit cards. This includes a 5” x 7” portrait. The portrait or photo packages will be available for pick up at the Wayne Animal Shelter 10 days after the sitting.
Additional Information:
Santa is making another special trip to the Rock Ledge Garden Center to meet your pet! Pets of all types and pet parents are invited to sit for portraits with Santa, conducted by Patterson Photography! Children are welcome to have their picture with Santa too!
For Further Information:
Please call the Wayne Animal Shelter at 973-694-0767 for more information or email The Health Department at Email
Flyer: Please click Here

Adoption Events
No available events at this time.

Animal Shelter Adoption

We have many wonderful dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.  We find loving homes for stray and abandoned animals.  Until these homes are found we provide food, shelter and love for our animals. We take the time to talk individually with each potential adopter to ensure the perfect fit and educate them on the benefits of spay/neutering.
The Shelter would like to serve as your community resource for pets.  Adoption Counselors are available to determine which of our pets meets your needs and will make the right fit for you and your family.  Please review and complete our Adoption Application. Please note: If you rent, you will need to bring your lease stating it is ok to have pets.
We are also available to answer general pet-related questions regarding training, housebreaking, behavior, etc.  A low-cost Spay/Neuter program and the mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic are available.  For more information, visit the following site: 
*The Shelter requires that all new adopters agree to spay or neuter ANY animal that is not yet fixed. *

Trying to decide whether adopting a dog is for you? Enjoy the article below.  
"A Match Made In Heaven" - by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist 
  • Take the time to consider if a dog is the right choice for you at this time. 
Sharing life with a dog can be a joyous experience. Dogs can be our best friends, they forgive our many mistakes, and they are always there when we need them to be. In return, dogs deserve the best from us. You need to make time in your schedule for exercising and playing with your dog, and devote time to teaching him what he needs to know to be an enjoyable companion. 
If you choose a puppy, the early stages of training are almost like having a toddler with teeth and no diapers. Puppies also require socialization, meaning you must give them the chance to meet many different people, take them to unfamiliar places, introduce them to other friendly healthy dogs, and expose them to the world in general. 
Before deciding to commit to sharing your life with a dog for the next 10 years or more, make sure you have the time, energy and financial resources to give your new friend the care that he deserves. 
  • Be familiar with breed characteristics so you can choose the right dog for you. 
No breed is inherently good or bad. A Golden Retriever isn't guaranteed to be the best family dog, and Rottweilers aren't automatically dangerous. You should be aware, however, of what different breeds of dogs were bred to do. It is these behaviors that will be most easily and frequently triggered. 
For example, breeds that were bred to be protective might have a hard time in a setting that requires them to tolerate lots of comings and goings by people they don't know. Herding breeds will naturally want to keep track of what people are doing, and even attempt to control their movements by nipping or chasing, especially if people are moving quickly. 
The behavior of mixed breeds may be more like one breed in the mix than the other, something in between the two, or unlike either. 
  • Listen to the recommendations of shelter staff. 
The staff who takes care of the dogs in shelters knows them better than you do. They've been able to observe the dogs and develop a sense of each dog's personality. If they steer you toward some dogs and away from others, take their recommendations to heart. They are keeping your best interests in mind, as well as those of the dogs they care for. The staff wants to help you take a dog home that's right for you, so everyone is happy. 
You should know however, that there are no tests or evaluations for either adult dogs or puppies that have been scientifically proven to predict future behavior in your home. No one can guarantee what the future behavior of any dog or puppy will be like. Be prepared for the unexpected, because the behavior of any dog can change over time. 
  • Choose a dog who best fits your lifestyle. 
Choose a dog who matches your activity level. If you are a couch potato, consider a dog who doesn't require much exercise such as a Bassett Hound or mix. If you live in an apartment, a toy poodle or small mixed breed might best match your space. 
Think about how you like to spend your time, and how you will include your dog. If you are an outdoorsy, hiking, camping, biking kind of family, a sporting breed or mix might just suit you. Would you like to spend time brushing your dog? If so, you won't mind the frequent groomings that long-haired dogs need. If wash-and-go better suits your style, a short-coated dog might be better. Don't forget the climate your dog will be in when considering coat and body type. Short coated dogs with little undercoat, like Dalmatians, can't be left outside in cold, snowy weather. Dogs with thick heavy coats or snub noses, (like pugs and bulldogs) may be miserable outside when it's hot and humid and will need the comfort of air-conditioning. 
  • Have realistic expectations about your dog's behavior. 
You should expect your dog to chew up, dig up, tear up, throw up on, poop or pee on, or track mud and dirt on valued possessions. Losing some personal belongings to your dog's behavior is part of sharing your life with a dog. If you are prepared for these sorts of things, you won't be as upset when they happen. No relationship      even those between people-is not without its ups and downs. 
The good and pleasurable parts of having a dog far outweigh the unpleasant times. Next time your dog damages something, just picture in your mind all those times your dog makes you laugh, what a comfort he is when you aren't feeling well, and how happy he always is to see you. 
  • Encourage your dog to be friendly to everyone he meets. 
No, it's not your dog's job to protect your house, car or even you. Dogs do not have some sort of natural sixth sense that allows them to determine who has good intentions where you're concerned and who doesn't. Your dog is going to be meeting tons of folks who mean him-and you-no harm. Your dog needs to be automatically friendly to everyone he meets, unless the person's behavior gives him reason to behave otherwise. 
Choose a dog to be your friend and companion, not your protector. Help your dog be friendly to everyone he meets by carrying "socialization biscuits" with you when you are out together. Ask all people your dog meets to hold a treat in their open palm and offer it to your dog. Let your dog approach the person, not the other way around. This makes it much easier for your dog to make new friends. 
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help with your dog's behavior. 
Studies show that behavior problems are one of the most common reasons why dogs lose their homes. Don't let that happen to you. If your dog's behavior concerns you, don't hesitate to ask for help. Talk to the animal shelter or your veterinarian. They may be able to help you or give you a referral to a certified behaviorist or dog trainer. The sooner you intervene to change your dog's behavior, the better. It's generally more difficult to resolve problems that have gone on for a long time. Don't put it off. Both you and your dog deserve the help professionals can give you. 

Trying to decide whether adopting a cat is for you? Enjoy the article below. 
Thinking of getting a cat? You're in good company - felines have been sharing homes with humans for at least 4,000 years. The first step to becoming a top-notch cat owner is making the commitment to care for an animal. You'll be responsible for food, shelter, grooming and medical care for his entire life. Next, determine what kind of cat will make the best match for you. The ASPCA recommends only getting a kitten if you are home during the day. These four-pawed bundles of energy demand lots of attention. They are also recommended as second cats if you already have another feline. If your cat is an adult female, consider a male kitten, and vice versa.
If you are away during the day, an adult cat is a better choice. They're often litter-trained, and have already graduated from the rowdier ankle-attacking stages of adolescence.
Do you want a long- or short-haired cat? While all felines required regular grooming, long-haired cats need to be brushed daily to keep tangle-free. Regular brushing will also cut down on hairballs. If you opt for a long-haired kitten, it's a good idea to get her used to grooming as soon as possible.
Is your heart is set on a purebred? Find out as much as you can about the breed before you bring one home. Congenital problems are now being seen in purebreds, some of which are born with a predisposition to upper respiratory disorders, hip dysplasia, allergies, glaucoma, and urinary tract disease, among others. These are most often seen in cats purchased pet shops.
Your best bet is a responsible breeder or, better yet, an animal shelter. You'd be surprised at the number of purebreds turned in.
For a truly unique cat, head to your local humane society or shelter. They are full of great cats, of differing personalities, in all sizes, shape and colors. Most animals there have been screened for major health and behavioral problems, and the price is right - many shelters include training materials, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery with the adoption of a cat. Best of all you'll be saving a life!

Animal Shelter Donate

Caring for our animals requires a lot of time, love, money and supplies. It allows the shelter’s staff and volunteers help make the animal’s time here as pleasant as possible until they are adopted to their permanent home. If you plan on donating food, please note that (COSTCO) Kirkland Cat and Dog dry foods are so appreciated. Also, please do not bring any open bags of dog or cat food to the shelter, as we cannot accept any open packages.
The following items are used in the daily operation and are “always” needed:
  • Kitten and Cat Food - canned and dry (Kirkland Dry Cat Food)
  • Puppy and Dog Food - canned and dry (Kirkland Dry Dog Food)
  • Cat Litter - non-clumping (We use Feline Pine)
  • Baby Food - chicken, turkey, and beef (This is used for kittens)
  • Bleach
  • Paper Towels
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Towels - hand, bath and wash cloths
  • Blankets & Comforters
All monetary donations are greatly appreciated. No matter how small. They can be mailed directly to the Wayne Animal Shelter at 201 Pompton Plains Crossroads (Jackson Ave Extension), Wayne, NJ 07470. All donations are tax-deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Wayne Township Office of Vital Statistics

Please note that the Office of Vital Statistics only maintains vital records for births, deaths, marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships that have occurred in the Township of Wayne. This office does not maintain records for births, deaths, marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships that have occurred in other municipalities in the County of Passaic. Such requests must be directed to the municipality where the birth, death, marriage, civil union or domestic partnership took place.

The Office of Vital Statistics only accepts in-person and mail requests for certified copies of vital records.

For in-person requests, the Office of Vital Statistics is open Monday to Friday (excluding legal holidays), 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and on Tuesday evenings until 7:00 p.m.  The Office of Vital Statistics is located in the Wayne Township Municipal Building, 475 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ  07470.  For more information or to schedule an appointment please call (973)694-1800 ext. 3205.

Health Department

Please be advised that the Wayne Health Department is postponing its March and April programs. Registered participants will be notified by the Health Department. For now, our May and June programs are still on schedule until further notice.

One of the main purposes of the Wayne Health Department is to prevent the premature onset of disease and disability and to help all residents achieve healthier, more productive lives. The health department is committed to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the health of its residents through organized health promotion and disease prevention efforts. These efforts are based on state-wide standards set forth by New Jersey's Department of Health and Senior Services.

Several codes and statutes make up the "state-wide standards" established to monitor health departments. One of the most important is known as "Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey". Mandates established within the "Practice Standards" include the following core requirements:

  1. To develop, implement, and evaluate health promotion activities in the seven required areas (i.e., Accident Prevention, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Control, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Physical Fitness, and Exercise). To help meet this requirement, the Wayne Health
    Department has contracted the services of a health educator from Chilton Hospital's Community Health Department. By partnering with Chilton, Wayne has been able to provide excellent services to its residents at a fraction of the cost.
  2. To perform environmental health and safety inspections of retail food establishments; public recreational bathing facilities; body art studios; tanning salons; massage and somatic therapy establishments; campgrounds; youth camps; septic systems and to investigate environmental and public health nuisances.
  3. To develop and implement programs that focus on preventing the spread of communicable diseases (i.e. investigation of reportable diseases; provision of immunization programs, control of rabies and zoonosis outbreaks; as well as programs to control the spread of tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. 
  4. To provide affordable and accessible child health services. These programs are developed specifically to address the needs of infants and preschool children (i.e. well-baby clinics; childhood lead poisoning screenings and a pediatric dental clinic). Space within the Health Department is made available on a regular basis to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center for the provision of a WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) Clinic.
  5. The provision of Adult Health Services is another core requirement. To address this issue, the Wayne Health Department provides a variety of low-cost cancer screenings for men and women as well as programs to help identify individuals with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and various other health concerns of older adults. A low-cost dental clinic is also offered periodically.
In addition to these core requirements mandated by the State, the Wayne Health Department offers other screenings based on the assessed needs of the residents of its community. Listed on the link below are the clinics and services available through the health department to residents of Wayne Township.

List of Health Department Clinics
The Social Services Division of the Wayne Health Department administers the Work First New Jersey Program. Assistance is provided to eligible single adults, or married couples without dependent children, with cash benefits. These benefits are limited to a lifetime of 60 cumulative months.

NJ/SHARES – (New Jersey's Statewide Energy Assistance Fund) offers temporary assistance to individuals, who are not eligible for other programs, with their gas and electric bills.

S.H.I.P. – (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) – provides free assistance with health insurance to people ages 65 plus or disabled on Medicare. SHIP addresses questions about Medicare benefits and claims, supplemental medical policies, and long term care insurance.

For further information or assistance in any one of these programs, email or call the Welfare office at (973)694-1800 Ext. 3281.
The Wayne Health Department is proud of its long-standing commitment of service to the community and is pleased with the performance of its dedicated staff: Listed below are the staff members of the Health Department.

Health Officer - MaryAnn Orapello
Health Educator - Aurea DeLeon, Chilton Medical Center
Health Educator - Jessica Kelly, Health Educator (a part-time position, contracted from Chilton Hospital)
Chief Sanitarian – 
Sanitary Inspectors – Nancy Immediato, Luis Giraldo, Lauren Meeker, John Wozniak, Cathy Cappuccia and Nino Intili
Public Health Nurse Supervisor - Diane Stabile
Public Health Nurses - Maryann Repice, Diane Stabile, Judith Ventrella, Sueyla Dervishi
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics - Erika Zambrano 
Director of Welfare - Rosemary Acampora
Animal Control - Sally Herman, Animal Shelter Manager;  Sandra Obringer, Animal Control Officer (ACO)
Support Staff – Suman Mehta, Lois Sharkey

It is important to recognize that in order to attain the goals and objectives set forth by the health department, collaboration and "partnering" with many agencies, organizations, and groups outside the health department is necessary. The health department believes that by collaborating with other agencies they will be better able to provide cost-effective, timely, and knowledgeable health services.

Wayne Stands up to Stigma

stigma free
Mayor Vergano and Wayne Township representatives have passed a resolution designating the municipality a Stigma‐Free Zone.

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