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Wayne Police Anti-Fireworks Campaign


Don't you even think about lighting that bottle rocket, heavy-duty illegal ground based or aerial fireworks in Wayne Township! The Wayne Police Department is asking for the community’s cooperation to support an "ANTI-FIREWORKS ZERO TOLERANCE DON’T BE THAT GUY/GIRL” campaign. Remember that former Governor Christie passed laws that made possession and use of NON EXPLOSIVE, NON AERIAL devices such as sparklers, glow worms and smoke devices legal, our patrols will be focusing on problematic neighborhoods that are the target of firework complaints for use of concussion/aerial style devices.

"Hopefully, by educating the public on the many hazards of fireworks, and the prohibition of their use, we can create and enjoy a safer and more peaceful summer season. Hundreds of state residents have been injured and treated over the past few years for injuries related to the use of illegal fireworks.

"Additionally, many of our own Wayne Township community residents has registered countless complaints about the use of fireworks due to the excessive and alarming noise, and from the risk of fire to homes, dry grass, fencing and other structures which has been experienced in the past." We are asking all of our community residents to be aware of your neighborhood needs and the desire to live in a peaceful neighborhood, don’t be “THAT GUY/GIRL” who winds up being issued a summons or arrested for fireworks violations, in front of your neighbors or family.

Police patrols will be stepped up to spot the use of illegal fireworks over the summer season and holiday weekend. Possession of fireworks is punishable by a fine or even imprisonment under applicable New Jersey State Laws. It’s simple “BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR”

Statistical injury Index:
There's some evidence backing that worry. Twelve-year-olds are injured by fireworks more than any other age group, according to an analysis by Stat. News. And boys are mostly to blame: Of the 225 12-year-olds injured by fireworks between the late '90s and 2015, only 50 were girls.

National Electronic Injury Surveillance System

A recent study by pediatric researchers at the University of Louisville found that the severity of firework burns in kids has increased over the last decade, and that the average age of kids burned decreased from 12 to 11 years old. Though he can't pin it completely on changes in the law, the study's lead author, Dr. John Myers, says there's definitely a connection.

Other groups oppose fireworks for reasons other than the injuries they cause. The National Fire Protection Association takes an avid stance against the use of any backyard firework because of their link to summer fires. According to the association, fireworks caused an estimated 15,600 fires in 2013. Nearly 30 percent of all firework-caused blazes between 2009 and 2016 happened on July Fourth.
Celebrate the holidays with your family and friends don’t be “THAT GUY/GIRL”, step up to your neighborly responsibilities and help create positive holiday experiences for everyone.

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