Parks & Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation was established by ordinance in 1966. The Director is appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Council. The Department is organized into the Historical Commission, Division of Parks & Forestry and the Division of Recreation. The following is a breakdown of the responsibilities of each:
The Division of Parks & Forestry currently maintains 1859.45 acres of parkland which include two swim facilities with playgrounds, two large multi-component playgrounds and fourteen neighbourhood playgrounds. We also maintain approximately 10,000+ street trees and additional trees located in township parks and on township property; 53 school paths for snow removal and trimming of brush; 171 roadside visibility sites located throughout all six wards; 24 bus shelters; 72 trash pickup sites; 12 tennis courts; 2 platform tennis courts; 6 baseball fields, 33 softball fields; 22 soccer fields; 3 football fields; and 2 turf multi-purpose fields.
Wayne Township's Division of Recreation offers a wide variety of activities for all residents of the community year-round. Along with the extensive recreational opportunities for residents, the Department also provides an extensive travel and tourism program for all to enjoy. Listed in this Internet site are the activities planned for the year.
The Historical Commission's major functions are to uncover and preserve any material pertaining to the history of the community; cooperate with township officials in the preservation of records and archives of the township; and the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, and markers.